NEWS RELEASE: Shipley Town Council to urge Philip Davies MP to support Climate Change Bill in Parliament.

Shipley Town Council’s Climate Emergency and Environment Committee has voted in favour of supporting the Climate and Ecological Bill (CEE Bill), following its own declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2020.

The CEE Bill is a proposal for new legislation that has cross-party support. It was drafted by expert scientists, lawyers and academics and sets a viable pathway for the UK to do more to tackle the climate crisis.

If enacted, the bill will require the UK to go further in tackling the climate emergency. It will do this by ensuring that emissions from aviation, shipping and consumption are accounted for; it will require the Government to protect and restore habitats, woodlands, wetlands and the wider natural world and it will establish an independent Citizens’ Assembly that will engage with Parliament and Government and help develop the emergency strategy.

Cllr Darren Parkinson Chair of Shipley Town Council’s Climate Emergency and Environment Committee said: “It is crucial that the government listens to climate experts and takes the action that is needed to stop runaway climate breakdown.

“I am delighted that Shipley Town Council has agreed to support the CEE Bill. We will now be writing to Shipley MP Philip Davies to urge him to support this crucial bill through parliament. Only with urgent action can we hope to tackle the climate crisis and this bill will help make that happen.”

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