News Release: Shipley Town Council responds to Bradford District Local Plan

The below is the response of Shipley Town Council to the Draft Bradford District Local Plan – Preferred Options. The response has been informed by consultation and discussion with the residents of Shipley, neighbouring parish councils and Shipley’s local district councillors. 

One of the Town Council’s overarching concerns is that Bradford District must achieve zero carbon by the end of the plan period (2038). So, any measures that are to contribute to carbon reduction must be able to take effect during the plan period. This means that all development planned must be zero carbon or carbon negative, if we are to play our part in avoiding catastrophic climate change and protecting the lives of future generations.

In relation to Shipley there are specific environmental concerns with the proposed Local Plan:

●      Building on green belt, greenfield and greenspace and the impact this will have on carbon emissions, air pollution, biodiversity and the local amenity benefit of green space.

●      Car-centric planning. Many of the housing developments planned are not well-served by public transport, do not have joined up active travel routes and have limited local services/amenities. As a result, they are likely to further embed private car use as the primary method of transportation. This will increase carbon emissions and air pollution.

●      Flood risk. Some of the identified housing allocation sites are located in areas of flood risk. 

●      Shipley-Bradford Route Improvement Scheme. This is a significant road development that is likely to cause environmental problems for Shipley, such as increases in air pollution and carbon emissions. 

●      A comprehensive active travel plan for Shipley needs to be developed which explicitly links transport to health, the economy and zero carbon targets. 

Shipley Town Council’s full response was submitted to Bradford Council on 24 March 2021.

One thought on “News Release: Shipley Town Council responds to Bradford District Local Plan

  1. Thank you for posting this.
    Hopefully they won’t railroad through the rules ,however I don’t have much faith in the powers that be.


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