Shipley Town Council

Shipley Town Council is the parish council for the town of Shipley in West Yorkshire. The Council was created on 1 April 2020, by Order dated 14 January 2020.
This temporary website will be used to provide contact and other information before the new website is launched.


The first meeting of the new Town Council took place on Thursday 28 May 2020.

Agendas for previous and future meetings, including for Full Council, committees and subcommittees, can be found on the meetings page.


Shipley Town Council is a parish council. Parish councils have a range of legal powers available to be used to meet local needs, if the Council chooses to use them. The powers are contained in legislation, most notably the Local Government Act 1972. However, parish councils have few legal duties.

Services currently provided by the Town Council include:


Christmas Decorations

Community Events

Grants to community organisations

Public Toilets

Shipley in Bloom

Town & Country Planning (as a consultee)


Shipley Town Council has eight councillors elected in May 2021 and three councillors co-opted in July 2021.

The three co-opted councillors have filled the three remaining seats left vacant because of a lack of candidates at the May 2021 elections. The next ordinary local government elections are scheduled to be held in May 2023, when all the town council seats will be re-opened to contest.

Councillor Mike Connors (Independent; Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward) –Chair of the Council; Chair of the Management Committee; and Chair of the Staffing Subcommittee.

Councillor Mike Connors

“I have lived in Shipley for 20 years and my two sons were born here. Shipley is a great place to live and the new Town Council is determined to make Shipley even better for all residents.

I am proud to lead the Town Council team. We want to achieve results for the whole community. I would like all residents of Shipley to join with us on our journey as we start out on various projects in the coming year, working together to succeed”.

Councillor Celia Hickson (Green Party; Nab Wood & Moorhead Ward) – Vice Chair of the Council; Chair of the Allotments & Green Spaces Committee; Vice Chair of the Management Committee; and Vice Chair of the Staffing Subcommittee.

Councillor Celia Hickson

“I have lived in Shipley for over 25 years. Born in Denholme, I have lived in Bradford for most of my life. Married with two grown up children, I am a passionate community activist, campaigning on environmental, social justice and peace issues. I have many voluntary roles including as a magistrate”.

Councillor Mike Farren (Independent; Nab Wood & Moorhead Ward)

Councillor Mark Fielding (Independent; Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward) – Chair of the Community Engagement Committee.

Councillor Darren Longhorn (Yorkshire Party; Shipley Centre & Dockfield Ward) – Vice Chair of the Allotments & Green Spaces Committee.

Councillor Darren Longhorn

“I live and work in the Shipley Central and Dockfield Ward. For my day job, I look after people at a software development company. I wanted to be on Shipley Town Council, because I’m passionate about localism and enabling decision making to be as close as possible to the people affected”.

Councillor Paul McHugh (Independent; Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward) – Vice Chair of the Community Engagement Committee.

Councillor Rhona North (Independent; Shipley Centre & Dockfield Ward).

Councillor Darren Parkinson (Green Party; Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward) – Chair of the Climate Emergency & Environment Committee and Vice Chair of the Planning & Regeneration Committee.

Councillor Darren Parkinson

“I live in Hirst Wood with my partner and two children who both attend a local primary school. I work as a Learning Disability Nurse for the NHS, supporting disabled children and their families.

I have lived in Shipley for nearly 20 years and am active within my community, whether it be with the Hirst Wood Regeneration Community Group or through environmental campaigning with such as the Clean Air Bradford campaign group.”

Councillor Debi Roberson (Independent; Nab Wood & Moorhead Ward).

Councillor James Roberts (Independent; Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward).

Councillor James Roberts

“I have lived in Saltaire since 2012 and am a member of several local groups, including the Canalside Allotments and the Saltaire History Club.

I was actively involved with the campaign to establish a Town Council, engaging locally through canvassing and social media. I look forward to working with the other councillors to help drive local priorities across Shipley”.

Councillor Anna Watson (Green Party; Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward) – Chair of the Planning & Regeneration Committee and Vice Chair of the Climate Emergency & Environment Committee).

Councillor Anna Watson

“I have lived in Shipley with my family for over fifteen years. I work for a charity campaigning to protect people’s health by getting hazardous chemicals out of everyday products such as toys, food packaging and furniture.

My children attend local schools and I have been a school governor at Saltaire Primary School for over ten years. I am involved in many community campaigns as part of the local Friends of the Earth group and I co-convene Clean Air Bradford”.


The Town Council has 1.5 full-time equivalent paid officers. The officers work flexibly to meet the needs of the Council.

Joe Ashton is the full-time Clerk to the Council and the Town Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

Joe Ashton, Town Clerk

Helen Mawson is the part-time Administrative Officer.


The Town Council has appointed four committees and two subcommittees.

The committees are:


Allotments & Green Spaces

Climate Emergency & Environment

Community Engagement

Planning & Regeneration

The subcommittees, which report to the Management Committee, are:




The Town Council also has several informal working groups, which either explore issues prior to formal decision-making or consider the details of implementation.

Public Toilets Working Group

Allotments Working Group

Climate Emergency & Environment Working Group

Community Engagement Working Group

High Streets & Public Realm Working Group


Shipley civil parish (the area covered by Shipley Town Council) forms part of the City of Bradford Metropolitan District.

Shipley Ward is an electoral division of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, covering all of Shipley civil parish and some parts of Lower Baildon.

Shipley Ward is represented on Bradford Council by three district councillors:

Councillor Vick Jenkins (Independent Socialist)

Councillor Martin Love (Green Party)

Councillor Kevin Warnes (Green Party)


Shipley is part of the wider Shipley parliamentary constituency, which also includes Baildon, Bingley, Bingley Rural, Wharfedale and Windhill & Wrose wards.

Shipley Constituency is represented in Parliament by Philip Davies MP (Conservative Party).


Notice of Conclusion of Audit for the financial year 2020/21.


Shipley Town Council’s Publication Scheme contains details of the information published by the Council and the format in which it can be obtained.


Freedom of Information Requests, Environmental Information Requests and Subject Access Requests should be addressed to the Town Council by e-mail or by post to Shipley Town Council, Room LG2, Town Hall, Kirkgate, Shipley, BD18 3EJ.


Shipley Town Council’s General Privacy Notice has been published in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018.

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