Next Full Town Council Meeting

The agenda is published for an extraordinary meeting of the full Shipley Town Council, to be held Thursday 23 July 2020 at 7.00pm. See: Members of the press and public are welcome to observe/listen to the meeting via video or telephone link.

NHS Birthday

On this 72nd anniversary of the creation of the National Health Service, Vice Chair of Shipley Town Council, Councillor Celia Hickson, applauds the commitment, courage and sacrifice shown by so many.

Poetry credit: Michael Rosen

Press Release: Shipley Town Council begins its work

Shipley Town Council was formally established by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, following a vote of the full Bradford Council on 14th January 2020. Bradford Council’s decision included a Reorganisation Order, which fixed the date of the legal creation of the new parish council as 1st April 2020 [1].

The Town Council’s creation was the result of a public campaign, led by Rob Martin, which demonstrated the support of local residents using a petition, which prompted a statutory Community Governance Review.

The Town Council has four electoral wards [2]. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 local government elections, scheduled to be held on 7th May 2020, were postponed by the Government for twelve months. This prevented the vacancies for the eleven town councillors being filled by election.

Bradford Council, as the principal local authority for Shipley, has therefore appointed nine individuals [3], who had all attended training or expressed their intention to stand for election, to serve as temporary town councillors until the next elections in May 2021 [4]. The appointed town councillors are unpaid.

The newly appointed Town Clerk and the nine new town councillors are working together to prepare for the future of key areas of Shipley town life and the management of funds ring-fenced for Shipley. However, the Town Council is also looking to co-opt two further councillors and is committed to increasing the diversity of its membership [5]. Applications will open in July 2020, with a target date for co-options being the 24th September Full Council meeting [6].

The first formal meeting of Shipley Town Council took place on 28th May, when a Chair and Vice Chair of the Council for 2020/21 were elected by the councillors. This meeting also set up the Town Council’s essential governance structures [7], committees [8] and policies, including arrangements for banking the Town Council’s funds.

Bradford Council was required to set a local precept in February 2020, which is the Town Council’s share of the Council Tax. The precept, which equates to £30.01 for the average household for the year, was calculated on the estimates for the Town Council’s first year and based on the budgets of neighbouring councils. The total budget available to the new council is just under £134,000 in Council Tax and approximately £4,500 of income from grants and rents.

As well as the Town Council’s running costs, the budget includes money to spend on local services and facilities. Therefore, the town councillors are keen to consult with Shipley residents to find out what matters to them and how the Town Council’s funds should be prioritised. To do this, a series of engagement opportunities are being planned for the coming weeks and months.

Councillor Mike Connors, Chair of Shipley Town Council, said:

“It is an honour to be appointed Chair of the new Town Council for Shipley. The new team of councillors has been working hard behind the scenes to set up the new council in the heart of Shipley.

As a starting point, over the coming year we want to hear from the residents of the town, working together with everyone to deliver the kind of benefits that the people of Shipley want to see.

Shipley is a great place to live. The new team of councillors want to make our contribution to making Shipley even better”.

The first major policy decision taken by the Town Council was to pass a motion acknowledging that the Town Council has an important part to play in supporting a zero-carbon future.

At the Full Council meeting held on 25th June, it was agreed that Shipley Town Council will help and encourage people and businesses in Shipley to reduce their carbon emissions.
The newly formed Climate Emergency and Environment Committee will lead on proposing actions the Town Council should take and will also ask Bradford Council to deliver an action plan by the end of the year, detailing how Bradford District as a whole will deliver net zero carbon emissions.

Darren Parkinson, the town councillor who proposed the motion, said:

“I’m incredibly pleased that Shipley Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency, putting environmental considerations at front and centre of everything we do. We are really proud that this is one of the first actions we have taken as a Council. We now join with other local town councils such as Bingley and Ilkley who have also declared to take action.

We are keen to work with the Shipley community to start a conversation about how we can work together to take local climate action that will bring improvements to our town and that will benefit local people, local businesses and our environment”.



Parish councils are the councils closest to the people, working with but not replacing the existing metropolitan district council for the City of Bradford, of which Shipley remains part. For the purposes of the Town Council, Shipley includes the Shipley Ward of Bradford Council, except for Lower Baildon, which is part of Baildon Town Council. Shipley joins 19 other parish councils in the Bradford district, covering most of the towns and villages.


The Reorganisation Order established that there would be eleven town councillors representing four wards. The four wards are Nab Wood and Moorhead (three councillors), Northcliffe and Norwoods (three councillors), Saltaire and Hirstwood (3 councillors), and Shipley Central and Dockfield (two councillors).


Ros Garside (Nab Wood & Moorhead Ward)
Celia Hickson (Nab Wood & Moorhead Ward)
Dave Robison (Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward)
Jenna Spiers (Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward)
Anna Watson (Northcliffe & Norwoods Ward)
Mike Connors (Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward)
Darren Parkinson (Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward)
James Roberts (Saltaire & Hirstwood Ward)
Darren Longhorn (Shipley Central & Dockfield Ward)


Each of the nine appointed councillors was recommended to Bradford Council by the Campaign for a Shipley Town Council. The appointed councillors had all attended the briefing and training for prospective election candidates or had otherwise recorded their interest in standing for election before the pandemic. Two vacancies remain and Bradford Council has approved that these are filled by co-option.


Co-option is an internal election. The nine appointed town councillors will choose two additional councillors from a list of applicants. The Town Council has decided to hold an open application process whereby anybody can stand as a candidate, provided they are legally eligible to be a Shipley town councillor and not otherwise disqualified.


Members of the public wishing to be considered for co-option to the Town Council should contact the Town Clerk.


More information about the Town Council’s formation and workings will be added to the temporary Town Council website in the coming weeks.


The Town Council’s committees are Allotments, Management and Planning. The subcommittees are Finance and Staffing, which both report to the Management Committee.

Phase 2A of the proposed “Bradford to Shipley Route Improvement Scheme”

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Bradford Council are consulting on Phase 2A of the proposed “Bradford to Shipley Route Improvement Scheme”.

Comments can be submitted to the consultation, which closes on 5 July 2020.

For full details and to submit a response, please see:

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